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Gazing at tigers

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Over the weekend I took a wee trip to the Oakland Zoo.

I recently read about the two female tigers at the Oakland Zoo, rescued from circus life (where they were housed in 3′ x 6′ enclosures). Upon learning about my proximity to two tigers, I made it a priority to get myself to the zoo and see what I could of these striped ladies.

Much has changed for these tigers since leaving the big top. Their enclosure in Oakland is spacious, with living trees and bamboo to provide shade as well as a waterfall that drops into a sizable lagoon. I also saw several large trees holding various toys and ropes for what I guess is the tiger equivalent of playtime.

I spent the majority of my time at the zoo gazing at the tigers, who were surprisingly active during the day. Of the two, one was noticeably smaller and leaner, with a bit more spunk. The other tiger was clearly larger – everything from her tail to strong legs were thick with power – and projected confidence in a 15-foot radius around her.

Through the chain link fence I managed to snap a few pics, which are currently up on my flickr (1, 2). I’ll be returning to the Oakland Zoo soon enough, and will figure out to how manually control my focus so the tiger, not the chain link fence, is in view.


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August 18, 2008 at 10:10 pm

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